Becoming a mother is an amazing life event. What a great time to learn, explore, consider all of your prenatal care and birthing options.

   Today there are many choices and the word is out. Out of hospital birth can be a great experience for low risk women and babies.

 Outcomes are  often better than that of the medical model with far fewer unnecessary interventions.

   When you birth in your community (home, birth center) you have the freedom to move, eat, enjoy the presence of  friends and family  members you want to share this special life changing event. To be in a comfortable, familiar surrounding, and know the people who are taking care of you and your baby. 

   I believe the key to a good birth experience is, above all else, a respectful care provider, education, informed consent, trust, open honest communication and having flexible care providers, being assertive in voicing your needs and desires and maintaining good health, and most certainly maintaining safety.  

   A woman should always feel free to ask questions and get answers. Parents should be encouraged to explore options, have information, and not have decisions made for them based solely on caregivers bias or opinion.  

   I trust birth, I trust moms, and I trust the human body. With me as your midwife you can choose a  private birth with just the midwife and your loved ones present or you may have my birth team there. 

   What ever your choices, hospital/physician lead birth, elective cesarean section, community midwife lead birth  free birth, those choices are yours to make, we want you to be well informed of the risk and benefits. 


 Happy Birthing 

 Sandra Elkins CPM, LM, ADN   

 and the Panhandle Birth Team


Our Philosophy
18 Years Experience
Midwife Sandra Elkins  LM, CPM, RN
4 Years Experience

Ashley Brottlund Doula, Midwife Assistant,

Certified DONA doula, 

I've assisted woman in approximately  400 births as primary while attending 150 as an assistant in Amarillo and  El Paso TX. Most of my work as a midwife has been done as a primary midwife at Casa de Nacimiento (CdN) in El Paso TX,  was the busiest free standing birth center in North America. During this time I learned many skills and tricks of the trade and I have  great statistics with less than a 10% transport rate at CdN and 6% in home birth. 

Casa De Nacimiento 2000, 2007, 2008  2010-2011

1511 E Missourri El Paso TX

I've been a Doula for a little over 4 years now. I have always had a passion for empowering people. Through my years of growing as a Doula I went from wanting to "save" people to wanting to help people find what is already in them. To equip them with the best tools and information possible so they can have the birth they want.


I am a birth & postpartum Doula, and have further developed my skills in a multitude of ways. I have spent hours, days and months learning and training so that I can offer the best, evidence based and up to date care possible.

Becoming a Doula helped me grow spiritually and physically, it has allowed me to learn and grow. It's more than just a career, it's a passion and a purpose.

Certified Professional Midwife

North American Registry of Midwives PEP Process, Casa De Nacimento School of Midwifery. El Paso TX 1998-2002

Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula


Amarillo College 

Associates Degree Of Nursing ,  RN  2009

Labor and Delivery RN 2009

Deafsmith County, Hereford Regional Hospital

Bereavement Doula