Getting Started 

Make an appointment, write down your questions and setup a free consult and meet with me. We can meet at your home or my  office, were we can relax and talk . I can answer any question you may have.   

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 ICAN is a great resource for women who are considering a vaginal birth after a c-section. 

 Yes I can assist you with your out of hospital VBAC.  Professional Member

Prenatal testing

Antenatal Test Summary  

Blood work  

CBC, Blood type, Rh factor, RPR, Hep B, HIV, antibody screen, rubella immunity. Urine culture.

  Gonorrhea and chlamydia cultures ( If risk factors are present) Urine can be checked for  gonorrhea and chlamydia although not FDA approved and more expensive. Cultures are less expensive.  

   If you are unsure of your dates an ultrasound (US) can be ordered to date your pregnancy, the earlier the US the more accurate they are for dating. 

    2nd trimester 

   20-22 Week ultrasound, also called an anatomy scan.

   RH antibody screen, Gestational Diabetes Screen

    3rd trimester 

  GBS Screening 

   All prenatal screening is availible to you, however you have a choice in declining GBS, and Gestational Diabetes screening. Although not required, it is highly recommended  for dating.

 20-24 week anatomy US help in determining if there are any problems that require a higher level of care.



Prenatal Care

  You and your babies safety and well being comes first!  At Panhandle Birth Services your prenatal exams may last 30 minutes to 1 hour, and I'm always a phone call away. You can ask questions, voice concerns and discuss you care. Your appointment is never rushed, there is no long waiting times, and you are given  personal care with the same care giver every time. Your B/P will be taken, we will listen to your baby's fetal heart tones, and make sure your baby is growing. Weight, diet  and upcoming test will be discussed. 

 I will see you every month until 30 weeks,

every other week from 30 weeks- 36 weeks and then

once a week from 36 weeks until your baby arrives. 

Labor and Birth

 Water Birth Using the birth Pool in a Box Standard Eco or  Mini,   A liner must be purchased. Or you my purchase your own tub. I love the Standard Eco, it's roomy, with plenty of room for mom and partner, however the fill time is longer. 

  Here is a link to the Pros and Cons of Water Birth and the research that has been done.

  It's your birth your way!   

   There are doulas available in our community who provide labor and postpartum support. 

   Photographers are available to capture those precious moments. 

  When you go into labor call me,  I also need to know if your water has released. 

  When in labor you are free to move, eat, and fluid intake is a must, encouraged and highly recommended.  

 I listen to fetal heart tones frequently in active labor, and during the pushing phase, it tells me if your baby is handling labor  well. 

 Birth in what ever position you find yourself in during pushing. If  you have something else in mind let me know.  

 I  very much enjoy a laid back water birth, they seem very peaceful for baby and mothers!  Once you birth, the cord is rarely cut until your placenta delivers!

leaving that cord intact ensures that your baby has gotten his full blood supply.

   May your Labor be smooth, may you feel respected, supported and safe!



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    Your Baby has arrived, the placenta has delivered and bonding is going beautifully, now what?  Vital signs of you and your infant are assessed through out the first 3 hours following birth. Mother and infant are made comfortable. When mom  and  baby are stable and charting is completed, postpartum  instruction are provided in detail and the birth area is left clean. 24/7 postpartum phone support provided, we are a phone call/text away.

 I will see clients at 36 hours, 5 days and 2 weeks, Newborn screens will be done at parents request. Newborn screens are recommended but parents can decline them if they so choose.

  Birth certificate are certified within 5 days of babies birth and can be picked up within 24 hours after being registered with the state of TX.